The process of solving a problem or determining a problem to an issue. Busy IT Service is working on Troubleshooting often involves the process of elimination or resolve the problem.

Computer troubleshooting overview

Is the computer turning on?

  • No power or computer does not turn on.
  • No display or black screen on a computer monitor.

Any Error messages?

Reboot the computer? 

  • How to restart Microsoft Windows.

Has any new hardware or software been added?

Has the computer moved?

Have there been any power outages or electrical storms?

Is it a hardware/software issue?

Update drivers or install latest patches?

  • To update a Windows computer.

Scan for malware and viruses?

Computer viruses and other malware can cause a variety problems, from system slowness to inability to start the operating system.

  • Remove malware and viruses from computer

When was the computer last running with no problems?